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Latvia is one of the newest EU members. Salaries and overall level of life haven't reached European level yet. But still criminal level is quite low already. Meaning spending time in Latvia is cheaper then in most countries of Europe and yet you will feel yourself safe there.

There are really beautiful girls in Latvia, and especially in Riga. Good transport infrastructure and lots of different level hotels. You can make your travel quite cheap or really comfortable - it's fully up to you and your desires. There lots of night clubs, bars and strip clubs for you to have a nice time. People around got that sex tourism is as good as any other business and you can almost any kind of services.

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  • Riga nightlife
  • Riga sex related information
  • What you should be aware of
  • Accomodation recomendations (hotels, hostels etc.) in Riga, Latvia
  • Bars, Night Clubs, restaraunts recomendations in Riga, Latvia
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Riga, Latvia nightlife & sex guide

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